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November 5, 2017

There are worse things in life......

There are worse things in life than listening to Christmas carols while running the grain cart!

I keep repeating this to myself to keep moving forward with a half ass smile plastered on my face and  talking with a hint of sarcasm to keep my voice from quivering-I’m somewhat of a stress cryer!

Why is it on October 31 no matter where you are in harvest it’s all good?

“Oh it’s only Halloween things are looking good! We have a handle on harvest, it’s a good year!”

And less than 24 hours later......

It’s Nov 1 and panic creeps in!

“This is it-the sky is falling-we’ll never finish-we’ll be combining on Christmas Day!”

Today is not a beautiful fall November day-it’s overcast, the ground can be described as 'squishy', a storm is moving in.  It was a debate wether to attempt to work at all-we may shell for an hour before the rain starts or combine gets hung up or we may shell till dark-it’s a gamble!

But it’s a gamble that’s there every year and we just keep coming back to that Craps table!

We were able to shell 13 acres today before the rain moved started......again - and more rain and more rain - our yard is a lake as I finish typing this.  Chris says I'm taking it worse than him - that scares me!

But there a lots worse things in life than singing Christmas carols in the the tractor cab, I've done it before and lived, I can make it this time!

Heres a link to the latest Girls Talk Ag Podcast - The Harvest That Will Never End talking about crop updates, winter wheat acres, Dicamba, and what ever else that occurred to us!!