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December 14, 2017

Dear Santa

Hope you've had a good year and the Christmas season doesn't drag out like Harvest 17 did!

I wish I could say I've been good this year but in all honesty I've been tolerable at the best, but I'm writing anyway!

I hope the reindeer are good, I used to be so infatuated with flying reindeer, now all I can think about is the sheer amount of manure they must make - I've clearly become a crotchety old person!

I do plan on leaving cookies out this year for you - however the milk will be in the fridge - warm milk just gives me the heebie jeebies!

Enough small talk, on to the business at hand!  Years ago as a parent I adopted Want - Need - Wear - Read as our Christmas gift giving tradition for the kids, so for the sake of tradition I am using it as my guide this year!


Oh Santa what I want more than anything is for all the feed bins to have working lids and chains!  I'm too old/maybe too lazy to climb the bins to open the lids and climb again to close them!  I don't know if you have a team of repair elves you could send out - I'll be happy to supply the materials I'm simply asking for the labor!

Me freezing my ...... off the other night on top of Bin 1!


Let's be honest - I need for nothing, but that won't stop me from asking for something!

Casey's Gift Certificates........these would be perfect!  I NEED my Casey's donuts but I don't NEED Chris adding up my Casey's bills every month!  Yes - he actually does this!

On a more practical note --- my truck needs detailed and a boat load of air freshener!!  I love my pick-up truck but it is used and probably abused!


These Macie Bean Boots - just look at them Santa, aren't they beautiful!

Oh Sweet Santa - I promise to not get too much manure on them, only in livestock emergencies!

And if you feel my 'wear' should be more practical, well I can always use new work jeans!  I love Cowgirls Tuff - they fit and hold up great!  But look at those boots!!!


I would love to read the manual and instructions for a set of clutches on the Kinze planter.........that being said I would also get the clutches!  Did I push that too far?

But I will add a suggestion for you to give to others........I might be biased but I think every family would love a copy of Meet Pete!!!!

Let's not forget my stocking - one can never have to many clamps to hold the pressure washer wand on, tarp straps disappear into thin air around here, I love Pez and Nerd Ropes!

Hope that nothing breaks down on your trip around the world!

Love, Jent

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And might I suggest these Gingerbread Sandwich Cookies for Santa!

Looking for a more serious list......this is a great one for those guys who struggle - girls make sure you leave it open on the computer for them to see!!!

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  1. What a cute letter. Let's be honest, we all need donuts. And those boots are so interesting. I'd love to have some nerd candy in my stocking.

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